End of Year survey part 3

My third question for the kids was:  What did you want to learn in IT this year that you didn’t? or What do you wish you’d learned in IT this year?  I wrote it in two questions to try to make it easier for the kids to understand, yep that was a mistake, it made it more difficult.  I should remember simplicity is usually better.  The interesting thing about these answers is they are so individualized and I really like that but it makes planning a bit more difficult lol.  Maybe I need to include an independent project unit so that students can learn what they want to learn.  Hmmm definitely worth keeping in mind.

First grade answers –

  • learned more about olden day like what they used (1)
  • more Clicky (2)
  • cool math (2)
  • read more books (1)
  • play more games (3)
  • play  new games (1)
  • typing on the computer (2)
  • play typing games (1)
  • what the button that looks like this (rt side of keyboard between windows button and ctrl) is (1)
  • more online safety (1)
  • how to make a game (2)
  • type a hippo book (1)
  • how to make a new password (1)
  • how to go on some games (1)
  • learn how to go on websites (1)
  • bad guys in Hector’s World (1)
  • where to find the keys (1)
  • learn about birds (1)
  • computer programming
  • learn about unicorns
  • how to get an app
  • learn about jaguars
  • type a long word in 3 seconds
  • how to fix a computer (3)
  • type with all fingers (2)
  • draw on whiteboard (SMARTboard)
  • technology (2)
  • what is tab?
  • play computers (2)
  • how to build computers
  • division
  • how to pull a plug
  • are keys better

Second Grade answers –

  • snakes study
  • what the inside of the computer looks like (2)
  • to type fast/better (3)
  • ocean animal study
  • Power Point (2)
  • make a book of your choice
  • programs
  • famous computer fixers
  • more Clicky (2)
  • learn about every website
  • how to type cool things
  • animal study (4)
  • how to change settings
  • programming (2)
  • how to use CD-Rom drive
  • how to make tiny letters
  • Morse code
  • texting
  • how to add videos on Power Point (2)
  • how to get rid of a virus
  • learn about jobs
  • how to make music
  • minecraft
  • how to memorize where all of the keys are (3)
  • what the screen is made of
  • about space
  • make more books
  • more Professor G (2)
  • how to make monitors
  • more insect facts
  • go on you tube
  • different password
  • play games
  • other websites
  • folders
  • more tagxedo
  • how to use the monitor (2)
  • more typing
  • online safety
  • how to take apart a computer
  • change color on word
  • make our own games

Fourth Grade answers –

  • how to make programs
  • usa-sos.org was long
  • typing without looking
  • how to change a background

Fifth grade answers –

  • how to type long papers/paragraphs fast (2)
  • more game day
  • make special effects
  • typing without looking
  • more shortcuts
  • how to program

I will be looking at these lists more in-depth as I get into lesson planning for this year.


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