I love the $ store

I think I’d love the dollar store even if I weren’t a teacher, but as I am it’s one of my favorite places to shop. 🙂  Kiddo and I ran into Dollar Tree not long ago and I ended up picking up several things for my classroom.

First I found these collapsible “crates” I’ll be using these to store the K, 1, and 2 “mission reports” (there’s my space theme) I need to go back and get some more for organizing my books.


Then all teachers need stickers, and yes I mean all teachers, I know little ones love them and when I taught middle schoolers they loved them too, I recently saw a blog post with a HS teacher talking about how much her students like stickers or stamps on their papers.  Also some new glue stick pens I want to try.


To go with my space theme I found a few books, I have two of the second book so that I can take it apart and use just the space pages in it for my walls.


Ok the next may seem like a strange purchase but I swear it’s not.  I bought tissue paper, I plan on laminating the three sheets of silver to put on my desk to make it look more metallic as my desk will be “Mission Control” 🙂


I bought five pairs of sunglasses, that will become “Astronaut glasses” the kids can wear as a reward (Class Dojo post to follow).  I’ll be taking the lenses out and painting these silver.


Finally some stuffies that the kids can snuggle with (another CD reward) and yes even the 4th and 5th graders will want to.  The stars are from $ Tree but the shuttle isn’t, had to sneak in a pic of it though.  I found it at Build a Bear/Dino in the St.  Louis Science Center.  I love it, when the kids don’t have it at their “control station” I’ll have it at Mission Control.


There you have it one trip to the $ store, I really do love that place.  I can spend way too much even there. 🙂



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