Maybe it’s time to bring back multiple recesses

I had a few classes this past year with students that were particularly active.   There were days where it was a struggle to get much done.  Then one day one of these classes was suddenly worlds better, out of the blue it seemed they were sitting still, paying attention, participating.  It was amazing.  I asked the teacher what had changed.  She said she took them out for a short 15 min extra recess.  See they needed to run off some energy.

I remember when I was in elementary school we had three recesses a day and PE.  Now most schools kids have one and PE.  This just isn’t enough for some kids, and short classroom movement interspersed throughout the day may not be enough either.  Maybe it’s time to start considering adding back in short recesses, just one on the opposite side of the day from their PE class might make worlds of difference in their learning abilities, their ability to pay attention.  I know teachers have more and more to teach and it seems we never have enough time so taking away time seems to be the worst idea, but if we spend 15 min a day getting kids back on task, maybe that 15 min would be better spent letting them run and play.



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