Bullying prevention: are we taking it too far?

My son’s school has a policy that requires all yearbook comments to be preapproved.  As in the class generates a list of comments that the kids may then write in other’s yearbooks.  If they write a comment to one student they must write a comment to all students, they can’t simply sign their name for some kids and write comments in others.

No one can write: Your BFF _________ because if someone else sees it and thinks they were ___________’s BFF it may hurt their feelings.  Personal messages might leave someone feeling left out and we all know exclusion is bullying or at least that’s what our kids are being taught.

While I understand the character lesson here of teaching kids to be aware of others’ feelings don’t they also need to be aware that some people are better friends with one person than another, this is life.  I have three best friends and you know what throughout the past 20 years there have been times when I’ve been closer to one of them than the other two, and I know there have been times when two of them have been closer to each other than they are to me.  This is not a problem.

I’m just wondering if we’ve gone too far.



  1. Totally agree – and shouldn’t students be able to think for themselves and choose something they want to write?? Sorry – but that preapproved list of comments sounds utterly ridiculous!!

  2. Also, totally agree! Totally understand their wanted to make sure no “inappropriate” words are used in the yearbook. However, we all know that reality is we all cherish special people who are friends, not just acquaintances! This PC goes too far!

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