Say Goodbye to Summer and Hello to the School Year

That’s it, summer is over.  Well actually I have this weekend and then that’s it.  Back to school we go.  I had one interview this summer and while I didn’t get the job it kept my skills up for interviewing.

I’m excited to be back at my school.  While my official title may be Classroom Assistant, because I teach technology classes the staff treats me as a teacher.  Not only that the entire staff of the building no matter their position is all family.  It’s one of the most positive buildings I’ve ever been a part of.  I’ve already heard from teachers that they’re glad to have me back.  I went in one day last week to drop a bunch of things off in my classroom and saw several of the kiddos there for summer care.  The grins on their faces when they saw me had me grinning right back.

This is why I do my job, the kids.  I love my students and I’m really excited to start the year and see them all again.  There’s nothing quite like being able to have the same kids year after year.



  1. Keep up the positive attitude – it’ll spread to the students. Technology is sooo important, and it’ll translate well into whatever you do next. One day the school will pay you what you’re worth!! 🙂

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