First Day of School

Boy am I exhausted!  But it’s a good kind of exhausted.  First day of school and it went really well!  I love that with the exception of K and 4th every class has kids that I had last year so reviewing rules and emergency procedures takes no time at all.  Several of my classes actually got onto the computers today.

I had kindy first thing this morning, poor little ones so overwhelmed but only one ended up in tears.  I only had one of the four classes today so we’ll see how things go for the others.

I’m on 1st grade recess and lunch duty this year, well at least for now, it was so much fun to see all my kiddos again.  It never ceases to amaze me how much kiddos grow in just  few months over the summer.

Last year I almost never ate lunch in the lounge, this year the music teacher and I decided we’ll eat in the lounge at least one day a week, we went in today and ate with the rest of the specials team, traded stories, it was just fun.  I love my job!

I’m really excited too, this is going to be a great year.  Now to rest up for day 2 😉


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