3 Examples Why Robin Williams Would Have Made a Great Teacher

Topical Teaching

dead poets

Robin Williams was an incredibly talented man. He could make us laugh one second and cry the next. I will miss him and his genius dearly.

I always thought that Robin would have made a great teacher. Whilst some so-called experts argue that teachers should refrain from using humor in the classroom, I can think of few more powerful tools for engaging students, developing relationships and cultivating an enthusiastic environment.

I give three film examples to prove my point:

1. Dead Poets Society:

This film is a favourite among teachers, and while I enjoyed it, I had some reservations about the overall message. One scene I absolutely adored however, was the scene where he encouraged his students to rip a mindless, pompous, introduction from their poetry text books. A good teacher has to be able to buck trends and allow their students to make their own assessments and form their…

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