Oh Captain, My Captain

Hearing about Robin William suicide last night left me in a state of shock.  He always seemed to be so full of life. I know seeing kids act out in class, being the class clown that often they are the kids struggling most with life so maybe this shouldn’t have been such a surprise but it was

I have been a fan of Robin’s for literally as long as I can remember.  I was 2 when it first aired by the last season I was watching it in the evening with my parents, one of the few shows they let me watch.  I watched it in syndication after that.

The shock wore off this morning when a local radio station played the “Carpe Diem” quote from Dead Poets Society.  All of sudden I was sniffling and tears filled my eyes.  My kiddo asked me what was wrong, we were on the way to his school.  I couldn’t seem to answer.

Robin you will be missed, and I promise to keep my eye out on those class clowns, help them when they’re suffering.


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