It’s about Perspective…This is a “Our” Problem

A great post on the tensions in St. Louis right now from the superintendent of my district.

eknost's Blog

There is no doubt we have watched a tragic situation unfold in Ferguson this past week. A young man’s life has been lost, hearts are heavy with grief on all fronts, and much confusion has perpetuated in the days following the original incident. Unfortunately, our society fails to realize a very important factor about the prevailing confusion… it did not originate as a byproduct of “this” event.

It appears, as we would all expect, everyone has an opinion, and many are quick to share their thoughts. But perspective is more important when considering this situation, and perspective is significantly different than opinion. Without perspective, understanding and resolving the depths of this issue remains extremely complicated.

It’s about so much more than the demonstrations. It’s deeper than the riots and looting. It’s beyond a single police officer’s handling of an encounter with a citizen, and yes, it’s even more complicated than…

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