A Teacher’s Plea to Parents

Reblogging this myself as it’s the start of a new school year and I have kindergartners who once again don’t recognize numbers 1-10, don’t recognize their last names, I even had one tell me she couldn’t write her first name. I know some kiddos have undiagnosed learning disabilities and that can be the cause of some of these problems but still parents please help out your kiddos. Get them on the right track early, and you if you’re concerned about their learning abilities talk to your pediatrician, talk to the school district you live in. Many places can diagnose kids and get them on an IEP early through Early Childhood Special Education.

One Educator's Life

Please please please do the following things with your child before they ever start school:

  • read to them, daily nightly whatever, and continue reading to them as they grow up, my son is in third grade and we still read to him every night before bed.  I have a friend whose daughter is in high school and they take turns reading to each other, not only does this help your child’s reading skills it’s great quality time

  • take them to the local library or bookstore and look at books, if you have a library card check them out, if you don’t WHY NOT?

  • count with them at least 1-10, count cars while driving, if you’re stuck at a train crossing count the number of cars on the train, count the clouds in the sky, anything just do some counting

  • Play number bingo in the car, “I see a 1 on…

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  1. So, so true! My experience is that most parents have the “not my child” attitude about some learning disabilities within their child. We see it but they can’t (or won’t)! It takes a teacher, grandparent, Sunday School teacher, or someone who can objectively see that something is “not working” for the child. I once had a student whose father totally refused to accept that his son needed glasses. Lo and behold, he showed up in school the next year wearing glasses! Amazing! He finally gave in!

    • I know I watched my son carefully. He had some issues with certain consonant sounds for a while. They did straighten out and he didn’t need speech but I really listened to him speak. I know my school does work with pre-school aged children, we had one in this morning for speech.

      It’s just simple things like counting to ten and recognizing those numbers. I just don’t understand how kids come to school not knowing those things it’s so simple. I know parents are busy but it’s so hard for kids even in kindergarten they know when they’re behind and you can see it in their eyes, in their behavior, hear it in their words. It can be so heartbreaking.

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