My Technology Classroom part 2

and counting 😉  I’ve made some changes in my room since last week, well today actually.  I finally finished the front bulletin board, of course to do that I moved stuff I had up elsewhere leaving a new open space LOL but I do have a plan for that space.  Here is the before on the cabinets along the side wall in my room:



IMG_7945 IMG_7944 IMG_7943

So this is where my Control Shortcuts boards was but I decided I needed the space for my WPM tracking.  I teach typing in my 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade Tech classes and I want them to track their improvement throughout the year so I needed a place to do that.  Still working on that so pics later.

Anyway here’s the new board:


It’s honestly a little more crowded than I’d like but I use almost all of these control functions myself and taught many of them last year, actually I had fewer shortcuts on my board last year but I discovered some last year on my own and some with my students so I added those to this new board.  My students favorite besides Ctrl + Z = undo and Ctrl + Y = redo is Ctrl + Enter = page break.  We made class books last year and they really enjoyed that little trick.  One I never knew of until last year were the Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ] that shrink and enlarge text, no more trying to guess what font size I want I simply highlight the text then enlarge to a size that looks good on the page.

On the back wall of my classroom I have a few things as well:


This is my Computer Vocabulary Word Wall.  Last year I had all of these words, and there are at least 40, on the cabinets but it was just too much.  This year I decided to use my pocket chart to present them in small groups, this way I’m actually using them while I teach.  As we’re working on some basics of internet right now those are the words I have up.


Classroom/ Computer Lab rules, Schoolwide Voice Levels, the starred poster is the team name for those 4 computers each set of 4 has a name this one happens to be Apollo.

On the wall next to my bulletin board is this:


Starting from the left: three school postings, the team name (Discovery), and my RAP poster (restate, answer, prove).

Last time I said I’d put up pics of the room so here they are:

From the door


Right side of room:


and Left side of room:


That’s it for now, stay tuned for an update on the cabinets. 🙂




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