My first sick days

Already, only four weeks into the year I got sick.  Not just sick I got strep throat.  UGH!  I fell victim to strep twice a year every year as a kid until  I was about 10, just before they were going to remove my tonsils.  Then once every several years.  I had it once in the 10 yrs we lived in Columbia, and now 3 times in the four years since we’ve been home.  It’s harder to recover from as an adult.

Fortunately I have a wonderful sub. She took over no problem.  My kiddos are learning code on Tynker, she was enjoying it and wanted to be able to help them better so she signed in as a student.  This is just awesome!  She’s a great teacher and it’s a relief to know she’s there to take over my classes and still I’d rather be in my room.

Writing sub plans sucks when you’re sick.  It took me 45 min to write plans for the first day.  Might have taken less if I was feeling better and more with it but then I wouldn’t have needed them.  The second day however I found the joy of being a specials teacher, I had different classes of the same grades doing the same thing.  Hello copy and paste with small adjustment sub plans, took only 10 min.

Went back yesterday and while there was a bit of stress, feeling behind from being gone for two days, it passed quickly.  I was reminded once again how much I love my job, and how much I love working with my students.


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