My Exit Ticket board

Just finished this, put it up, and started using it.  I found this idea on Pinterest and really liked it.  There are lots of different exit ticket boards out there, often a parking lot, but this one seemed absolutely perfect for a technology class.


The post-its are not still on the door btw, they just wouldn’t stick.  Oh well, probably better this way.  I need to stock up and put a pad in each supply box, there is a 1:2 supply box to computers/student ratio in my room. For a start I simply had the kids write down something they’ve learned so far this school year.  Next time we use it it will be to answer a specific question or something they learned that day/week.

IMG_7976 IMG_7977

Really excited about using this but definitely need to buy lots of post-its, or somehow make my own that are laminated and the kids could use dry erase or transparency markers.  Hmm something to think about and work on.


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