It’s the little things that make a teacher’s day

the smile on a child’s face when they see you in the hall

the excited shout when they see out away from school

the hugs

the concern when they see you’re injured in some way

when they voluntarily help a classmate who was absent or just struggling while you’re busy with someone else

the spark in their eyes when something finally makes sense

the child reaching out to a classmate sitting alone

the excitement of a playground of first graders when a friend loses a tooth

the “I miss you” from a former student

or “when do we get to see you this year?”

“I love you Mrs. D” or whatever the teacher’s name may be

when a more than one student can answer a question about something you taught them last year

when a student helps clean up the room or push in chairs without being asked

a clean room after a day full of classes

a clean and organized room after a sick day

a positive report from a substitute teacher

a compliment from a colleague

a compliment from a parent

These things and many more.

What makes your day as a teacher?  What makes your day as a parent?





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