6 Ways Teachers Respond to Technology

Absolutely great graphic and article at te@chthought here.  I have certainly seen all 6 of these in my years in education.  I’d love to say I’m one of the “Leaders” but alas not so much me.  I definitely fall into the “Sharp Ones” category though.  Once something has been introduced to me I run with it, when I have questions I search to find the answers first in the help section of the tech I’m using, then on the internet, then I ask experts.  I know those last two steps may be backwards but I like figuring things out for myself.

I happen to be incredibly fortunate that my district has a job for those “Leaders”, there are several Instructional Support Specialists that learn the new programs and help the rest of us learn.  Maybe one day I can move to that category but I think first I need to find a bit more courage.


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