Cakeway to the West day 17, a revisit to day 6

So kiddo and I actually went to the Museum of Transportation finally this summer with my mom on one of her days off.  When we got there we found the cake looked a bit different before you know back on day 6 when it looked like this:

IMG_7211 IMG_7213 IMG_7212

I had noticed the sketching from a distance and thought that someone had written on the cake, then got in close and realized it was actual sketches.  I wondered if they were going to stay sketches or get colored in.  Well now we know:

IMG_7832 IMG_7837 IMG_7836 IMG_7835 IMG_7834 IMG_7833

There is a whole lot more going on on this cake now than just a few months ago and I love it! I think every method of transportation portrayed on the cake is at the Museum and I absolutely love the Yellow Brick Road coming out of the road on the top of the cake.


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