This teacher’s giggle moments

Throughout the day and week there are many moments when I catch myself giggling, I thought I’d share a few of those.

  • I have a kindergartner named Anderson, as I hand out folders to my kindergartners I call them Mr. or Miss and their first name, this leads to me calling him Mr. Anderson and snickering internally every time.
  • Classroom Movement – often a source of giggles, just the other day it was my kindy girls singing quite loudly along with Elsa “Let it Go” while the boys all covered their ears
  • more classroom movement – any grade dancing to Call Me Maybe, What Does the Fox Say, or Gangnam Style from Just Dance and Just Dance Kids
  • #recessdutyproblems all the kiddo yelling at once for me to watch them on the monkey bars (ok maybe not a giggle and more of a smile but still so cute)
  • the look of surprise on a kiddo’s face when you run into them somewhere outside of school


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