Getting my kiddo to talk about his school day

I saw an article not long ago about how to get your child to tell you what happened at school that day.  Gotta be honest, I saw the article I did not read it.  I wasn’t really worried about it because I’ve found a way to get my child to share more.

Sometime in the middle of last year (third grade) the answers to how was your day became good, fine, or ok instead of the effuse pouring out of minute by minute details they had been previously.   I struggled with how to get more out of my little man.

Finally I hit on a solution,  now he’s prepared to answer every day.  It’s pretty simple really.  It starts with reading the newsletter the teacher sends home each Friday and paying attention to what I’m reading, as in what he’s going to be studying in each subject the next week.  Next step I ask him first how was your day?  Then I ask what did you do in _______ (math, science, etc, I run through his whole day) or what did you learn in _________.  All of a sudden I get more than one word answers and guess what we end up having really discussions on his day.  Simple as that.


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