Day 1 Reflective Teaching 30 day Blogging Challenge for Teachers

So I saw this idea on My Corner of the Technoverse here and really thought it was a good idea.  The original post is here at te@chthought.  I didn’t see this until the middle of Sept so I thought I’d wait and make it a challenge for October.  Here goes with Day 1

Write your goals for the year.  Be as specific or as abstract as you’d like to be!

My first goal for the year is to stay one step ahead of my students.  I’m new to teaching technology, specifically teaching code/computer programming.  While I did some with my classes last year I’m using a different program to start this year so I’m just trying to stay one step ahead and not always succeeding but I just keep trying.

My second goal is to stay involved with my specials team and attend as many meetings as I can.  I teach a specials class and as such am part of the specials PLC in my building and yet as my job is that of a classroom assistant I am only paid for school hours and do not have to have a sitter for my son so on days when we have meetings before school hours I have to do some adjusting to be able to attend but I’d like to do that more often.


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