My stress level is through the roof right now

We’re getting ready to move, and it was a sudden thing so I’m trying to get all of the utility and insurance stuff worked out in my small amounts of plan time.  There is all school computerized testing occurring in my district right now, in my building that means I’m traveling to classrooms while teachers use my room/computer lab for the testing.  This wouldn’t be so bad except there are almost daily changes to the testing schedule due to teachers not checking their plan books when they sign up for testing.  I then have to notify grade levels every day of the changes meaning some of them have to move their PLC meetings, some have to find somewhere else to get their planning done, and I have to let the others specials teachers know bc the music teacher has to adjust her lessons as we share a wall and she has to keep her classes quiet during testing.  The PE teachers have to know where to meet me between our classes.  I’m just worn out, my shoulders are tight from stress, and I feel like screaming or tearing my hair out.  I know none of this is done on purpose but it’s still so incredibly frustrating.  One more week of testing hopefully it will go better than this week but we’ll see.


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  1. That’s why we teachers usually write our lesson plans in pencil not pen! I totally understand your frustration because teachers don’t keep to the schedule that they signed up on! To their defense, we totally get involved in our teaching that we also forget to do some special events. I’ve even taught right through a lunch period!

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