Day 9: RT – accomplishment

Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in your teaching that no one knows about (or may not care).

After contemplating this for a while I think I finally have an answer.  This is something some people know, former colleagues especially but not my current colleagues and not all of my family and friends.  The last year in my last contracted position I was working in a small rural district.  We had been fortunate enough to have a bond issue pass for some major reconstruction of our K-8 building.  Some of us, or maybe it was just me ;), jokingly referred to it as Extreme Makeover School Edition.  The middle school end of our building got a new roof, new ceilings, new floors, new external walls and windows, new heating and air conditioning.  This was supposed to be completed over summer, however as I recall we seemed to have an unusually rainy summer.  School start date came and we didn’t start, our date was pushed back.  Then came the decision to house 6-8 grades in the high school building.  The social studies teacher and I had the two halves of a grade at the same time so we decided to share a room.  This meant that we each taught a whole grade level at a time, anywhere from 35-45 students in the room at once.  Nervous as I was, and I really was because previously I had shared the com arts position with another teacher and we split a section of a class which meant I had classes as small as 6 students, I managed to do it.  I enjoyed it.  The conversations we were able to have about the novels we read together as a class: 6th grade Number the Stars, 7th grade The Giver, 8th grade The Outsiders were phenomenal.  I know there are teachers who teach classes of this size every day but I hadn’t before and wasn’t sure how well I’d do. That I managed and enjoyed it is to me a huge accomplishment.


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