Just some random miscellaneous teacher thoughts

* Our kindy kiddo who had brain surgery is back at school, I saw her for the first time today, she was smiling as always.  So happy to see her back and feeling good.

* had 5th graders asking me how ebola spreads so quickly, I directed them to the game Pandemic online to see how it happens, two of them came back today to tell me about it and then told me what they learned and how surprising it is that things spread so fast.

* indoor recess more than one day in a row is not good for anyone: students, teachers, parents, no one

* teaching kindergartners to use their own usernames and passwords to log-in to the computer is exhausting and yet rewarding as they are able to start doing it on their own and help each other out

* give kids the choice on what work to do and most of them still do the work that has the closest deadline first

* teaching second graders to type using the correct fingers takes constant monitoring, they’re already so used to using just pointer fingers it’s hard to break the habit, amazing how early the habit forms

* learning computer programming/code is like learning a foreign language: easier to learn the younger you are, seriously it’s just amazing how fast kindergartners can pick up the skill



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