Day 15: RT – strengths

Name three strengths you have as an educator.

  1. Research – I am a researcher.  When presented with a problem, challenge, or simply something new I head to the library and internet to find out all I can about the topic.  I’m the one that when presented with new technology in my classroom begins using it and figuring it out on my own using the help guide for tech.  When I first had a SMART board installed in my room it came with no training.  I talked to other teachers who had used them, I looked up their use in the classroom online, and as I came across problems I went into the help section of the software.
  2. Connecting with students – I really feel that it is important to connect to my students, especially to those students who struggle with academics or behaviorally.  I talk to students about books, music, movies (those that are school appropriate that is) that they like.  I have in the past discussed nail polish with girls in my middle school com arts classes, and video games with both boys and girls.  Taking a little time to better get to know my students and their interests helps me teach them, it also helps me to find those books they just can’t put down.
  3. Excitement for my subject – I love to teach and I love to learn, when I was teaching middle school communication arts I think it came across clearly to students that I love reading and writing.  I shared books with them frequently.  Now that I’m teaching technology they can hear it and see it when I show them a new technique or a new shortcut.  Together with my second graders last year I discovered that in Word and Google Docs if you press ctrl + enter you get a page break, I got excited, couldn’t help it.  I love to show the kids just how much I enjoy learning something new.

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