More about NaNoWriMo

I mentioned yesterday that I’m in prep/planning stages hoping to finish the NaNoWriMo challenge again this year, I’ve only done it once before.  The challenge is to write a complete novel, novella really, in the 30 days of November, that’s 1667 words a day.

I first participated in 2010 with my 6th – 8th grade students as part of the Young Writer’s Program.  I was so busy helping my students get writing done, trying to encourage them, and keep them going that I got away from my own work and ended up slam writing in the last two days of the month.   I wrote 30,000 words in two days, yeah they weren’t great.  In December I went back and looked at what I’d written and kept two sections of about 2000-3000 words each and tossed the rest, LOL  I’m a pretty big perfectionist when it comes to writing but I did get 50,000 words written even if it was largely drivel. I was a serious pantsher_badge that year.

This year I’d like to end up with a lot more at the end that’s worth keeping.  To that end this time I’m preparing.  Doing lots of prep work, starting with the prep I’d done for the 2012 NaNo that I never ended up participating in, life got in the way.  So this year I’m taking the pledge to be a planner_badge instead and get myself in the right frame of mind.  Not to mention I have to say if I think it will help my word counts if I already have roughed out character and setting descriptions.  We’ll see, fingers crossed.



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