Day 17: RT – challenges in education today

What do you think is the most challenging issue in education today?

I think the most challenging issue in education today is Common Core and standardized testing.  I know that many states agreed to the CCSS but some are beginning to change their minds, including mine – Missouri.  When it comes to testing there is such a push for kids to perform at a certain level that teachers begin to feel that they have to spend much  more time on test taking skills and still get their curriculum in.  Additionally at least here in MO the state test the MAP is going online this year.  So now we have something new to teach kids, how to test online and it is necessary to do some direct instruction in this as I’ve watched kiddos do a great job reading and underlining or highlighting on a paper test then take a similar test online but not transfer those skills.  Along with this is the logistics of it all.  All classes 3-5 take the MAP test in com arts and math during a three week period, all kids have to be on the computer at the same time.  We have one computer lab, the one I use for my classes (yep I’ll be traveling to teacher classrooms that week, TG for the laptop cart).  Combined we have 13 classes that have to take two tests each with at least 3 sections one class at a time over three weeks.  Since the classes will be taking the test one at a time rather than all at once as they have in the past we’re going to have to be really careful that kids are not talking about the test in the halls, at recess, or lunch.  Honestly I am just a bystander in this and I think it’s a logistical nightmare.



  1. Standardized tests need to just go away. Seriously – so much stress for teachers (whose jobs depend on scores), and too much pressure for kids. Now they’re going to be computerized?!? Gee, I can’t think of one way that can go wrong…

  2. Testing will be organized in a similar fashion here in Florida. Once before, something like this was scheduled, the the state’s computers crashed all over. I understand that that problem has been fixed. One of the major concerns now is that many children really can’t type fast enough and accurately enough to answer all open-ended questions, especially in elementary. Hold on for the ride…

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