Things that make me go hmmm, smile, or giggle

* first grader who tears off the edges of her Uncrustable before eating it, her Uncrustable???

* student who used to live in Canada insisting no one says aboot up there, then both he and his brother say it in passing conversation

* kids coming to school in tank tops and shorts in 50 degree weather, and not having jackets for outdoor recess

* kids “accidentally” messing with someone else’s lunch

* kindergartners gasping and whispering when Beaver tells Franklin he’s not her friend anymore

* first graders sitting by boyfriends/girlfriends at lunch

* a first grade boy with purple then blue painted fingernails, and not a single other kid says anything to him about it

* how quickly first graders can learn to type with the correct fingers while it’s much  more difficult for second graders, one year makes a world of difference

* parents creating an account on our school’s Typing Club site so they can see what their students are doing in IT

* first graders overheard while trying Dance Mat Typing produced by the BBC

  • “It’s gonna be fun.” “It’s gonna be British.”
  • “I’m so glad I’m not British.”
  • “I can type without looking!”
  • giggles, giggles, and more giggles

* Fifth graders working on their ALS challenge Power Points on various diseases, lining up at the end of class and trading facts about their diseases, just one kid after another say “Did you know…?”

* A fifth grade boy choosing to do his Power Point on breast cancer and taking it seriously not using it as a chance to try and look at pictures he shouldn’t, being amazed men can get it to and then being determined to share that fact with everyone he can

I can NOT wait for these Power Points to be done so I can start sharing them.  I’m so impressed with my kids!



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