Day 19: RT – student reflection

Name three powerful ways students can reflect on their learning, then discuss closely the one you use most often.

Reflection sheets, journals/blogs, exit tickets.

In the past I most frequently used reflection sheets.  The first year I taught my school help student-led conferences rather than the traditional parent/teacher conferences.  Each student filled out a reflection sheet for every subject so they had talking points ready for their conference.  I was amazed how honest my students were on those forms.  I wrote some about this before in my Parent Teacher Conference post.

Now however as my class isn’t a graded class I find I use exit tickets more than anything.  I just began using them and don’t do as much with them as I’d like to yet working on making it a habit.

Oh wait another thought, as my district has Google Apps for education I’m beginning to use Google Classroom and Forms more.  I think Forms could be a great way to have students reflect on their learning.  Will have to work on that, hmm looks like I just added a new goal for my year.


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