NaNo Prep: title??? and other thoughts

so I’m not good at coming up with titles, I never have been, and I’m worse at coming up with a synopsis.  I started fooling around with titles as soon as I found my information earlier this week, writing it in my notebook, here’s a peek at those titular ramblings

– Absentminded Candyman (too close to Absent Minded Professor?)

– need synonyms for absentminded: dreaming, distracted, oblivion, preccupied

– hmm do I need absentminded or a synonym at all?

scientist = chemist

candyman?  candy crazy? candy obsessed?

The Tale of the Candy Obsessed Chemist and his Curious Kids (almost, not quite, I do like the alliteration though)

The Case of the Candy Crazed Chemist and His Curious Kids (this is what I put on the NaNo site but I think it might be too long, opinions?)

New alternative: The Candy Crazy Chemist and His Crazy Kids (yeah I think I like this better, “the case of” makes it sound like a series and this will be a one time thing, I think…)

Other thoughts: I need to write descriptions of each character and place, use picture of the game board to help or see if I can find kiddo’s game

Does the chemist land at the beginning of the game or in the middle and takes a wrong turn?  Does he accidentally go backwards and then have to work his way forward again?  Take a wrong turn at Gum Drop Pass?  Finds two of his kids but as he gets to the end has to go back to find the third?  Gets clues to find the kids from various characters?  Which characters are good and bad, which are just there?  Is the road in Candy Land really solid blocks of color or is it multi color cobblestones (like the yellow brick road but all colors)


Oh boy I still have a lot of questions, and it’s time to get on with writing character descriptions and setting descriptions too.


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