Day 22: RT – PLN (Professional Learning Network)

What does your PLN (professional learning network) look like, and what does it to for your teaching?

I feel bad but I had no idea what PLN meant, I’ve never heard that particular acronym before.  It seems incredibly honest now that I see it though.  Once I learned what it meant my first thought was I don’t have a PLN, but then it struck me I have several.  I don’t follow teachers on Twitter, as a matter of fact I rarely check my Twitter though it’s a resource I definitely need to look into.  I am a member of a technology teachers message board.  This has helped me tremendously in my classroom and teaching as there is very little guidance for my position in my district.  I also meet monthly with the specials PLC in my building as well as frequently chatting with them at lunch.  This has been a great way for us to compare notes on students as to what works and what doesn’t.  Finally I follow several teachers on WordPress.  I love finding new ideas, commiserating, sharing lighthearted things, sometimes it’s just nice to see others have had a rough day as well. 🙂


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