NaNo prep: main character(s)

so it’s time to do some work on character descriptions for my main characters, the candy crazy chemist and his kids, here’s what I have so far, though I keep adding as I go:

Main Character: Baxter ___________ the candy crazed chemist


age – 37


physical description – golden red curly hair, almost afro-esque, pens and pencils stuck in at random along with the occasional candy stick and/or pixie stick, clothes always appear slept in, rumpled and wrinkled, tie askew, only his white lab coat is positively pressed and pristine, under tie and lab coat is a dress shirt often misbuttoned (kindly old Gramma Nutt fixes the tie, Plumpy looks confused at the hair and it’s accoutrements) at least one shirt tail hangs out, suspenders? 6’2”, thin but not skinny a runner’s build, somewhat manic sugar-high activity level alternating with the low of a sugar crash, often naps in his lab


personality – obsessed with candy and the game Candy Land since he was a boy, always trying to find a way to play the game so it’s not a game of mere chance but a game of strategy, allowing card trades, draw a set of cards and pick the one you use there, adding cards to send people back, putting down cards for your opponent to move instead of your own move, etc.  an absent-minded but caring father of three kiddos, wife???


fave songs: I Want Candy, Lollipop, Sugar Sugar, The Candy Man Can, Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows


Fave books on bookshelf in the lab at home: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chocolate Touch, Chocolate Fever, the Candy Shop War, The Candymakers, Candy Fairies, Boxcar Children The Candy Factory Mystery, Legend of the Candy Cane, How Many Jelly Beans, Candy Store Caper


Kids – Leo 8, twins Johnny and Janie 6


Leo – chocolate brown hair he’s allowed to grow just long enough to start to curl, no longer because “curls are for girls” according to him, has mom’s hazel eyes but dad’s eyesight, navy blue rectangular plastic frame glasses, just a few inches taller than his little sister, takes charge frequently though only two years older than his siblings due to Mom being gone often and Dad busy in his lab


Johnny – shaggy straight muddy brown hair with dad’s grey-blue eyes, shorter than his twin sister at only 3 and half feet tall, also a bit on the chubby side


Janie – dad’s curly red hair, hanging in tight ringlets to just below her shoulders, both brothers often tease her by grabbing a curl, pulling it long, letting it go and saying “boooooing!” mom’s hazel eyes, tall for her age at almost four feet tall, also thin enough to have to always pull her pants/skirts up if not adjustable waist

Mom – ??? is she dead (too cliche?) away on a business trip?  an astronaut in space on a flight or on the ISS?

Now I really need to work on a description of the home lab where this all starts.  I’ll get back to it, I’ve been hard at work on the Candy Land character/setting descriptions so I’ll keep at those since I’m on a roll with them


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