NaNo prep: characters and settings part 1

on to the Candy Land cast and places:

Plumpy – roly poly green and fuzzy guardian of the Gingerbread Plum Trees, ears stick up like horns, cheek fur/ handlebar mustache, purple plum medallion on a purple ribbon around his neck, collects and picks plums in his woven basket, he is first seen standing with one hand on hip/waist, the other up waving


Gingerbread Plum tree – trunk is made from toasty brown gingerbread, his “hair” is made of green and yellow spun sugar leaves and sweet juicy deep purple plums, face made of white icing, big smile, near him stand several other gingerbread plum trees in various stages of growth, some are just saplings with their first buds appearing, others are tall and still thin but with their first plums, then there are those more like the main tree, fat and tall and oh so happy.  There is one very grumpy gingerbread plum tree; he hates being plucked, he hates visitors, he wants to be left alone, the young trees bother him with questions because they are closer to him than to the main tree

Rainbow Trail – exactly as it sounds a road of every color of light in the rainbow, it sparkles and looks almost fragile but is a great way to bypass the realm of the evil Lord Licorice


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