NaNo prep: characters and settings part 2

more from CL:

Candy Cane/Peppermint Forest – as you approach the ground gradually becomes covered in powdered sugar snow until it piles up in large drifts, candy canes of all sizes begin to appear, first spread far apart then closer and closer together and more in number, occasionally you pass fields of snow broken up by candy cane stumps, followed by fields of tiny candy canes, larger canes, and finally huge canes that have grown so large their hook has broken off or been trimmed off so that they look like giant red and white barber poles, peppermint swirl candy cutter sits at the center of the forest near a factory for wrapping and shipping, past the factory are fields of multi-color candy canes: brown and green, rainbow colored, etc, there is also one small field of canes that have grown up in a swirling to look like pine trees


Mr. Mint – keeper of the Peppermint Forest, red tennis shoes, pink thick socks, legs in tights/pants that are candy cane red and white striped, pink shorts and short sleeve shirt over long sleeve shirt with arms that again look like red and white striped candy canes, pink gloves, pink cotton candy like tuft of hair, bright round red nose, candy cane striped hat with red brim and red ball at top, carries an axe made from a candy cane and peppermint swirl candy sharpened along one edge, he harvests the candy canes then takes them to the factory to be wrapped and shipped off to the “big people” (humans) his helpers are the mintlings.


Mintlings – body is a candy swirl patty, most are red and white some match the rainbow field candy canes, the red and white ones have pink arms and legs just like Mr. Mint, they have a small humanoid head on top of their candy patty body, red hair and elf style caps, the mintlings are distant cousins of Santa’s elves

after the peppermint forest you just skirt the edge of Lord Licorice’s land, shiny black licorice bats fly out over the path to spy and report back to Lord Licorice, the ground is a desolate, desert like graham cracker sand, gnarled leafless trees made of licorice sit just off the road, an occasional licorice bite cactus also appears in the plain of graham cracker sand, off in the distance on the horizon you can just glimpse the tops of the red licorice drop spires of licorice castle


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