Teaching Strength

Nov 5 What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for?

The strength I’ve always been most grateful for is my ability to connect with my students, especially those students who struggle and those students others don’t seem to be able to connect with.  The first year in my last classroom position we had a student return to us that had had several behavioral issues through the years, in large part I believe to his early life, he was a foster kid soon to be adopted by his foster mom.  He had some fairly serious anger issues and yet somehow I managed to connect with him.  My room became his safe room.  If he thought he was getting to close to blowing up, if he just couldn’t take it, he’d tell the teacher he was with he was coming to my room and that was it.  He always came in quietly, sat down in the back, and waited for me to finish whatever teaching or one-on-one work I was doing knowing I would come talk to him as soon as I could.  I’m not sure why I am able to do this but I think it probably has to do with the fact that these kids speak to my heart.  I want them to feel cared for and loved, every child should have someone they KNOW cares about them.


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