Attitude of Gratitude in class

Nov 9 What is one way you could develop the Attitude of Gratitude in your classroom or school? Try it out and let us know how it went in a couple of weeks.

I like to create a bulletin board out of my door.  Last year in November I had made a giant turkey.  I had each kid write one thing they’re thankful for in technology on a feather and put it on the door.  I’ve been planning to do the same thing this year, but maybe I can change it and have feathers available the kids can fill out when someone does something during class they are grateful for, or maybe just some other time during the day.  My building already does this in February with hearts but why not with a turkey, I can challenge the kids to keep an eye out and let’s see just how many feathers we can put on our turkey.  Maybe we can make him the “Best Dressed” turkey of the year.

ETA (updating as of 11/5): I wrote this when I first saw the challenge bc the idea came to me rather quickly so I began the challenge with my classes on the 4th, almost immediately they took to it.  Kindergarten decided the turkey looked like a peacock bc this year I added blue, pink, purple, and green feathers.  So now it’s a turkey disguised as a peacock to keep from being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.  And boy oh boy what a peacock he is 🙂 by midday on the 5th the feathers are halfway up the door.  I need to go take a picture I can add later.




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