Classroom Attitude of Gratitude Update with pics

So when I posted about how I had started the Attitude of Gratitude in my classroom I mentioned how it was going and mentioned pics but I didn’t get them up so here they are.  This is what my door looked like as of 11/5

Bottom of door (you can just barely see the turkey’s body)



Here’s the top of the door (these were cropped for Instagram):


Yep feathers were most of the way up the door.  I have since had all of my students make their first feathers and have classes adding feathers daily.  Lots of step stool climbing for me 🙂  Here’s the turkey/peacock as of today


Yep we have outgrown the door by quite a bit and area working our way around the door frame now on the third row on both sides and second row on top which is harder to see with the light shining right on that section.  I love how this is going, I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the month.




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