Tech I’m thankful for

Nov 15 What tech tools are you most grateful for? Why? How have they changed what you do?

I’ve mentioned a few times already this month how glad I was to learn to use a SMART board.  I had been using the chalkboard and not liking the fact that to write on it I had to have my back to the class, same with chart paper, or using an overhead projector which leads to facing the class but not being able to see them because of the spot I see from the light in the projector.  It also freed to me up to allow the students to write on the board and I could roam the room.  The games made review more fun and often that helped the knowledge stick.  I also suddenly had access to sites like Brain Pop for mini-lessons.

Not sure if websites count as tech tools but I LOVE Typing Club, it allows my students to learn to type at their own pace.  Each student can move as quickly or as slowly as they need to learn to type using correct fingers.  Along that same line I also love  again it allows my students to move at their own pace, it’s self-differentiating.  Kidblog was a great find last year.  The tech teachers at two other schools and I used it last year to help our fifth graders get to know one another before they met in middle school.  We’ll be doing the same thing this year starting second semester.

Pinterest, I have so many boards now including I think 18 classroom boards.  I have found some wonderful projects on there that I have since used in my classroom or look forward to using in my classroom.

Speaking of Classroom, Google Classroom is one of my new favorite sites.  I love being able to quickly assign a project to all sections of a grade level, get updates, have all their work in one place that I can access easily for editing and suggestions.  Wish I had found out about it sooner.


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