Showing thankfulness to someone else

Nov 19 Tell someone you know how grateful you are for the work they do. Share your story here.

In my building we do Thursday Thrills each week.  Staff members send in thank yous and recognitions to the principal she then sends them out to everyone on Thursday.  I try to do this every few weeks.  I thanked the classroom assistant that subbed for me one time because I knew I could leave my sub plans and class would go just as it would if I were there.  She then stopped by to tell me how that Thrill had made her day.  I sent a thrill thanking my asst principal for her support, esp for her support in working to get my job made a classroom position or at least raise the pay.  This time I got an e-mail thanking me for thanking her.  The thrills are just one part of the community in my building and just one reason I love my job so much!  It’s so neat to see what people are doing for others when the e-mail comes each week and it’s extra special when someone thanks you.



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