An inspirational book

Nov 21 List a book you are thankful to have read and how it have inspired you to be better at what you do

The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, I agreed with so much of what she had to say in that book and it really reaffirmed for me that I teach reading in a way that is truly beneficial for my students, well that I did when I taught middle school.  I’m now adapting those ideas to my kindergarten team time reading group.  These kiddos are kindy that read at a mid first to second grade level with one or two maybe higher than that.  We do some activities together but more and more I’m trying to get books in their hands to get them reading, then talking about those books.  I’m setting up a weekly schedule so that three days are reading days and I can take time to listen to each one read and help them with any areas they need it.  We’ll do at least one day of a group activity and hopefully have at least one kiddo share a book they enjored every day.  I didn’t do this with my kindy group last year and while the time we spent together was worthwhile I don’t think it was as good for them as this will be.  All I can do is keep doing my best to improve my instructional practices.


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