Attitude of Gratitude Update 2

Nov 23 How did your Attitude of Gratitude work out – tell us about it.

Can I just start with WOW!  I was so impressed with my kiddos.  They all wanted to write as many feathers as they could.  I let them write two for things they are thankful for and then they had to start looking at time people helped them.  I had to even limit that to two feathers a class period so they could get work done.  The turkey’s peacock disguise was so good a fifth grader that is not in IT commented as he walked past my door that “that must be the peacock with the most feathers in the world” 😀

Actually I found the one class that made the most feathers is the class that has had the most disagreements this year.  The counselor’s lessons with them must be sticking.

I also shared the idea with the staff of my building, the counselors, one third grade teacher and one fourth grade teacher decided to do something similar.

It went so well, and the kids are asking if we can keep doing this so I’m thinking of changing it up just a bit and keeping it going for December I just have to figure out how.  Right now I’m thinking about a blue background on my door with a little bit of “snow” on the bottom.  Maybe we’re using snowballs to build the biggest snow fort of kindness and gratitude.  Maybe go with the idea that at least three of the winter holidays: Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa include gift giving and “Give the Gift of Gratitude” with present shapes of all sizes and save the snowballs for January?  Hmm going to have to keep thinking about it.  I have a week after all to come up with my final plan.  Talking with some kids we’re thinking a “Snowstorm of Kindness” using snowflakes and they can write when someone was kind to them.  I’m thinking of having some premade with ideas for RAOKs they can draw and try to do, when they complete one they can put it up as well.


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