My Dream for Education

Nov 24 What are your dreams for education in the future?

I’d like to see teaching going back to being a truly respected position.  I’d like to see people stop attacking teachers for the so-called state of education today.  I’d like to see more parents take the initiative to help out at schools, become more involved in their children’s education and for that to start early on, before the kids start school.  I’d like to see not just teachers but all school staff paid a livable wage.  I’d like to see schools/districts try a new idea for four to five years before giving up and moving on to the next thing, allow the ideas time to actually take hold to find out if they are effective.  The constant change of methodology is exhausting.  I’d like for the common person on the street to really know what it is the teach a class before they make any comments about lazy teachers and their three months off a year.  I’d like to see education be more student-driven rather than curriculum driven.  I’d like to see teachers be provided more than an hour a week of collaboration time.  I’d like to see all schools have access to the same technology.  I’d like to see laws and initiatives based on realities of learning and teaching rather than idealistic views.  I’d like to see more parents, more people in general talk to educators to get more information about things like Common Core rather than reading inflammatory stories about it online and then complaining about it.  Find out for sure what this means for your child and your child’s education before going off.


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