Perfect Day

Nov 27 If you could bottle up the perfect day, what would it look like?

Oh boy let me think I think for me there would be two different perfect days: school day and non school day

School day first – Wake up, kiddo wakes up and gets dressed without any nagging, the neighbor’s alarm clock does NOT go off for an hour and a half straight (older lady hard of hearing), the drive to work does not include people who can’t figure out how to drive, all of my classes do exactly as they are asked the first time, if they’re struggling they ask for help rather than yell out the forbidden words “I can’t” recess duty is the perfect 70 degrees and sunny, there is no fighting and no injuries, the drive home is perfect, hubby’s drive home is perfect, I make dinner without having issues with the stove and without the circuit breaker tripping, it cools off enough for us to have a fire in our fireplace, then the three of us play games, read, and watch TV together before kiddo goes to get ready for bed without any nagging, we read and snuggle into our cozy bed.
Non-school day – Sleeping in without the neighbor’s alarm clock waking us up, condo is already clean so no need to do that, laundry and shopping area already done so no need to do them, we spend time relaxing watching college football (yep has to be a fall day), go to the park for a while when it warms up enough to run around, comfort food dinner: beef stew, chili, potato soup, something like that, fire in the fireplace, evening is the same as a school day.  Ahh I’m relaxed just thinking about it. 🙂


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