Inspirational Colleagues

Nov 29 We all know someone who inspires us to be better. Share that person.

Just one?  I can think of a few.

Lisa – one of the third grade teachers in my building she is determined to keep her kids active with technology since they are in strings for a special this year.  She brings her kids to my room to use the computers at least once a week.  As new programs are picked up by the district she is determined to learn them and see how she can utilize them with her students.


Jennifer – our music teacher, she works so hard all year long.  Every grade does a musical program at some point in the year.  She also comes in early two days a week to work with the 4th and 5th graders in Special Chorus.  She works with the strings teacher to put on a combined concert.  She just completed the Veteran’s Day program with our third grade students.  She helps them research and then write their own program so they have so much more interest and ownership in it.

Xan – the fifth grade reading teacher, she and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to getting kids to read, she just wants to put books in their hands, get them to read something, she has inspired me to get my books out of storage and keep them in my room so the kids I work with can check them out to read.


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