Act of kindness

Nov 30 Practice an act of kindness this week and blog about your experience

A few weeks ago we had our semi-annual Scholastic Book Fair at school.  Teachers nominate kids to receive a free book.  One of the fifth graders I have in IT was a student chosen.  He was having a hard time finding a book.  I’ve spent some time talking to him as he works on various projects in IT so I’ve gotten to know him some.  I pulled The Giver off the shelf and suggested it to him.  I spoke to his mom about it at conferences and she was ok with it, it’s not normally a book I would recommend to someone that age.  In our district it used to be required reading in 7th grade, it might still be I don’t know.  He’s come in to talk to me about the book every IT day.  Apparently he’s shared his excitement with the 5th grade teacher who teaches Reading (our fifth grade departmentalizes).  She came to see me to say thank you and put it in our weekly thrills.

Move forward the student asked if I had the third book in the series: The Messenger and if he could borrow it.  I began sorting through my boxes of books to find it, while I was doing so I decided it was time to clear out books again.  I bought a bag and a half of books to the 5th grade reading teacher to add to her classroom library.  I got a hug in return, and she told me she had mentioned to the asst principal that she’d love it if I were on their team next year (we’ll have five sections of 5th grade next year.) I didn’t do it for recognition, I just hate the thought of good books sitting in storage not being read.  It turned out though that that small act of kindness not only made her day but it made mine as well.

So this is my last official attitude of gratitude blogging challenge post.  I’ve really enjoyed this month.  Answering these questions has reenergized me and I didn’t expect that.  I’ll be taking one more picture of the turkey/peacock outside my door and posting it.  The kids are still asking what we’re doing next and I love that. 🙂


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