Day 21

Day 21 #30daybookchallenge

What Will She Read Next?

IMG_2975DAY 21. – Book you tell people you’ve read, but haven’t (or haven’t actually finished).


I honestly can’t think of one because I’m usually pretty honest about what books I’ve read and not read even with my students.  I’ll go instead with a book I started and haven’t finished though it is still on my list: Under the Dome.  Yep when I finish that one I may have a new longest book ever read.  Actually that one needs to go back on my holds list at the library.


This list is embarrassingly long.  Especially with my students, I have been known to stretch the truth a bit.  There are a few classics that I’ve talked about in class, and as a history teacher I use them to illustrate topics and themes.  And though I know what the books are about, I’ve never actually read them, but they are on…

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