Forgotten gifts

On Nov 4 as part of the Attitude of Gratitude 30 day blogging challenge I answered the question what is the best gift you received from a student/parent/colleague?

Just a little while ago I was going through boxes of my teaching stuff from my last job and I came across two gifts I had been given my students.  The first came from one of my eighth graders that year.  As the com arts teacher each year I had students make cards or write letters to other teachers for teacher appreciation.  This student made a card for me.  It was so sweet and unexpected.

wpid-20141113_165722.jpg wpid-picsart_1416000349079.jpg

There was an ongoing joke between my eighth graders that year about who was my favorite student.  I really didn’t have one I loved that whole class.  There have been a few classes in my career that I really connected with more than others, this group was one of them.  But that “secret” message about favorite student made me laugh and the (mostly) correctly diagrammed sentence made me smile.  Just thinking about Tanner and his classmates makes me smile then tear up when I remember they graduate high school this year, where does the time go?

That same year another class I had connected with more than others were seniors in high school.  They surprised me with two gifts, the first was this page they made for me:


The second was when I went to their graduation.  They had asked their 4th/5th grade teacher to speak at grad telling me they knew I’d never make it through a speech bc I’d cry too much (they’re right and she was the right choice!)  They made me cry more though, every year there is a slide show of the students at graduation.  They had put two pics of the some of them with me in the slide show, the only teacher in the show.  I still cry thinking about it.  I’ve since been invited to a baby shower, a wedding, gotten e-mails asking for help on college assignments, a phone call about a new job.  “My” kids are growing up and it’s amazing to watch.  I have been an incredibly lucky teacher!


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