Changes in Education

Jumping into the January Blog Challenge from the Te@ch Thought wiki.  Going out of order.  I put the list of questing in a doc on my Google Drive.  I’ll be looking through them every day or so and answering the ones that jump out at me so they will most definitely be out of order as you can see since I’m starting with #11.

11) How has education changed since you began teaching?

One word TECHNOLOGY.  I really didn’t begin teaching that long ago in the scheme of things, or at least it doesn’t seem that long ago to me LOL.  My first year teaching was the 1999/2000 school year.  We had a computer lab in the building, most rooms in my building had 4 computers some had more but none had the 2:1 student to computer ratio that my district has now.  We still used white boards and overhead projectors the majority of the time for lessons.  A lot of work was completed by hand.  Cursive was still a requirement.  Now we do so much more on computers.  Kids complete and turn in assignments electronically.  My son loves using Google Classroom and completing his writing assignments and social studies projects using Google Apps.  There are SMART boards in every classroom in my building except the gym.  We have multiple laptop carts available for checkout so students can all work at one time.  My district has instituted a Bring Your Own Device policy.  I need to actually reread it and consult with my son’s teacher about him bringing his new tablet to school.  More and more I see classrooms where students are doing cooperative learning rather than simply sitting and listening to lectures.


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