Staying postive

January Blog Challenge 5) How do I stay positive and share/encourage that positivity in my students?

For me I leave any negative feelings from anything else going on in my life at the door of the building.  I learned this idea a long time enough.  When I was in 8th grade I was a cheerleader, as were all of the girls in my class (small school no tryouts).  While we had fun there were times we did NOT get along.  We were at a basketball tournament and apparently our frustration with each other began to show in our sideline performance.  After the game our coach pulled us aside and had a long talk with us.   Since then I’ve really tried to be aware of what I’m projecting to others, especially in the front of a classroom full of kids who pick up on every little mood change.  If frustration or anger strikes in the middle of a class I stop and take a deep breath.  I sometimes go so far as to close my eyes for a minute.  I may silently say the Serenity Prayer in my head, or chant I choose to be calm over and over.  (Yep Choose your attitude from the FISH! philosophy.  I participated in an all district book study on the first book years ago, and the principles have stuck with me ever since).


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