15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

What Will She Read Next?

unnamedSo day 7, we’re almost halfway through.  Today we’re talking about our blogging quirks.  (Do we have any??)

Kel – I think my biggest quirk is that I tend to sit down and type up several posts at once and then schedule them to post later on.  It’s easier for me than writing every day or even every other day.  And honestly I tend to go back and edit them, add to them.  It gives me some freedom knowing that I don’t have to rack my brain to come up with something to post.

Amy – The hardest thing for me is finding the time to blog.  And to read.  I have a busy 4 year old, and when we started this blog she was 2 and finding the time to do anything but just survive was hard.  I’ve gotten better – and have followed Kel’s example of working ahead…

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