Advice to those interested in teaching

14) If a young person told you they wanted to become a teacher, what would you tell her/him?

Great!  Before you officially declare education as your major see if you can get in and observe lots of classrooms in different places.  Get a good idea of what you want to teach and at what level.  One of my best friends had decided she wanted to teach but she wasn’t sure what level so she spent a day with me in my middle school classroom.  At the end of the day she still wanted to teach just never middle school lol.  If I had done more of that I would have known that I wanted to teach middle school rather than thinking I’d avoid it like the plague because of the hormones 🙂  I did spend my senior year of high school in both child development and advanced child development classes working in our in building preschool.  I also cadet taught a sophomore English class with one of the best teachers I ever had.  I didn’t even give middle school a chance and I wish I had.  You love kids, you love a subject area GREAT now explore what level is right for you.  Maybe it’s the little ones, maybe it’s special education, maybe it’s middle or high school, maybe it’s college, but spend some time observing at every level!



  1. I left the field last fall after 14 years working in special education. Throughout my career, I worked closely with student teachers and other education majors. They were on the cusp of special education careers. I asked many of them to ask themselves how they would justify the immense expense and effort that go into special education for the comparatively weak results for students post-graduation. My thinking was they needed to be able to answer that question to be able to get up each day and be special education teachers.

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