Reviewing assessments

Getting back to questions from the January blog challenge.  Here’s #8 Describe the process you use in your reflection when studying assessment results. Where does your energy and focus lean?

In my current position I don’t actually give any assessments but in my last classroom position after giving an assessment I would look at the results specifically to see if there were questions that a majority of students missed or did poorly on so that I could examine was this a poorly written question, did students not understand what I was asking, or did I not actually provide them with the instruction needed to answer the question.  I also tried to look at the questions and see if they led the students to using real world critical thinking skills.



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  1. After our pre-assessment time, I would complete a form for each child to tape to their desk (3rd grade). The form included types of questions they needed to improve on; i.e. compare/contrast, main idea, etc. Then during the next 2 months, each child was responsible to maintain a bar graph highlighting each category to show where they were improving. My average and above-average students really like the idea. I even worked in small groups with the children by type of question categories to explain how to improve their answering strategies. My point was to make them knowledgeable and accountable for their own progress and improvement. Did it help raise their scores? I think so.

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